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Our proven Seattle radio advertising system consistently works time & time again within 30 to 60 days


It's our goal to prove your radio ads ROI right away...
with the smallest initial out-of-pocket cost
and no long-term commitments

If you don't like your results within a month or two -- you're done! If you're pleased, we'll continue to work with you to build your brand recognition to new levels.

Our radio advertising system works with any Seattle area talk radio station format

We only work with one or two companies per category to maximize our partner's revenue potential.

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The short time it takes to prove that our Seattle radio advertising system works is much quicker than what many "so-called" marketing experts would likely tell you.

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Your Message on Talk Radio

With over 40 years of talk radio advertising experience right here in Seattle, we will make sure that your advertising dollars turn into your Biggest “Profit Center” and not just “another expense”.


Your Pricing!

Talk Radio listeners won’t be asking how much...they’ll be asking How Soon???



Radio Commercials

We make radio commercials that will bring customers in!


We create compelling radio messaging that resonates with our talk radio audience.

The message is perceived more as a referral than just another annoying ad that people don't want to hear.

Endorsement Radio

Spokesperson Radio Ads on talk radio is the single most powerful form of getting consumers to react to your message

Talk radio endorsements are basically the same as word of mouth advertising between friends.

The only difference is that our hosts are able to personally communicate with hundreds of thousand of your potential customers every day.

Endorsement & Personality driven campaigns are powerful tools that you have access to right here in the Seattle Radio Market.

Please ask us for more information if you are interested in this highly effective method of delivering your message.

Talk Radio listeners consider radio hosts as friends & trust them like friends

Coordinated Online Marketing

web services SeattleLanding mini-websites designed with your radio ads makes it easy for listeners to find you, get info & contact you

Responsive web design layouts, mobile browser friendly to work well with computers, tablets & smartphones.

SEO targeted to work well with the major search engines.

Talk Radio Campaigns That Work

One word…DOMINATE...when you are on the air. 

If that means you can only afford to dominate one day per week or if that means you want to make a statement and own that audience every day of the year 52 weeks per year. 

That’s our formula...We help you dominate with your budget. 

When you are on the air with us, our audience will feel your presence!


Block Programming

One of our most valuable products is a one hour block of time on our talk stations. 


We are the place to go for this service in Seattle. 

Prime Seattle Radio Listening Time

Monday – Friday 6AM - 6PM

Talk Radio Audience

checkStay Tuned in When Your Commercials Come On

checkWant to be Educated

checkVested Interest in Society

What is the Best form of Advertising?

Word of Mouth...
Talk Radio...has a very big mouth
Talk Radio…the original social media


Our world has essentially become a commodity by the unlimited availability of information, products and services readily available over the internet

How do you stand out?
What will make your message resonate?

One of the only things that cannot be turned into a commodity is the Personal Relationship one person has with another.

Bonneville Seattle Radio stations create 30+ Hours of original personality-driven talk radio every day, more than any other electronic media in the Northwest.

We start Meaningful Conversations that enable listeners to feel connected, informed, uplifted and entertained.

This Emotional Connection is not duplicated through TV, music radio, newspapers, billboards, social media or digital advertising.

Successful companies in the future will either create content or align with media companies creating original content that brings unduplicated value into our lives. Align with our hosts on-air & on-line and people will respond.

There is One Simple Question that you need to ASK any media professional trying to earn your dollars!

Can you please give me 10 Names and Phone Numbers of clients you are crushing it for?

Talk Radio the original social media... Call or Text 206-579-5574

When created the correct way, your Seattle radio ads will blend in with the talk format & produce better results than any other form of media on the planet!