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We would like to recognize our clients who have taken time to share their thoughts about working with us over the years. Thank you for all of your trust and for the great partnerships we've built together over the past 15+ years. 

We appreciate each and every one of you!


Leif and Randy go out of their way to take care of their customers and they ensure I get the best return on my investment. They constantly check in to see how they can improve my results. It is a pleasure working with both of them!

- Ashley Comar, Marketing & Communications Manager |

Leif Andersen simply knows radio advertising. Our company struggled for years in attempting to get our name and message in front of residential homeowners.

Leif showed us how to use radio effectively and we haven't looked back.

- Dan Meyer, Tub Cove, Inc.

Janet Pack here with Smart Retirement Radio am 770 KTTH, I have had the pleasure of working with Mr Randy Foley for over 3 years, he is without a doubt the best customer service person in the industry.

The knowledge that he bring to his relationships in the field of marketing is unparalleled.

My production is always in the front of his mind, and with his vast years of experience helpS my financial planning business soar, If you are looking to maximize your advertising dollars.

Randy Foley is a sure bet, I know he has been an asset to my business!!

- Janet Pack

Senior Care Alliance Financial - Owner

Smart Retirement Radio show - Host

I choose to work with Leif Andersen for many reasons, however the one that stands out the most is his 100% honesty.

Leif has always helped me choose the best direction for success, and has never once sold me something because it was a gain for him.

Leif believes in taking care of the customer always, and by doing this he is taken care of.

- Mary Kae Repp, Dave Smith Motors

Randy Foley is a creative, motivated, and knowledgeable advertising professional.   

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Randy through his work with Wilcox Farms.  Randy has helped us get a deeper understanding of target markets and identify how to best reach consumers.Randy has successfully expanded Wilcox Farms advertising to new platforms including KIRO Radio and online media.  

These campaigns have increased web traffic dramatically, with 83% coming from new users.   

Additionally, he continues to bring innovative marketing ideas to the table and takes time to understand our business.  Randy is motivated with excellent follow through, making himself available day and night. 

I can offer only the highest recommendation for Randy.

-Ryann, Director of Marketing, Wilcox Farms

Our company invests in many types of marketing.

In all of my years of doing so, I have never had a representative be as genuinely caring about our success as Leif. On top of that his insight and guidance has led to great results!

If you are a small business looking to expand your marketing into radio I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Leif is the authority in the Seattle marketplace.

- Aaron Santas, Owner - Guardian Roofing

Having worked closely with Leif Andersen for years, I feel qualified in appraising his status as a radio and media consultant and sales exec.

 My firms relationship with Mr. Andersen could best be described as flawless!  He has worked with his supervisors in creating rates, schedules, and overall plans that have brought us great success.

 Additionally, he has that perception of what works and what doesn’t which is of such great value.  Just buying time accomplishes nothing.  Buying radio time, with super effective messaging, consistency, placement, and within budget should be the dream of all advertisers.  Leif Andersen provides all four consistently. 

That makes him a winner!  Our firm gives him a solid Ten!!!  Which incidentally is the number of years he has effectively served us.

- Pat O’Day, Contracted Advertising Consultant, Schick Shadel Hospital. Seattle

Leif Andersen understands advertising and knows how to assist business owners with successful radio ad plans, converting listeners into loyal customers. Along with his knowledge of marketing, he's an "idea man" who uses creative commercials to "brand" a business to reach its maximum potential.

For many years we have preferred and requested that Leif work on our behalf. We know we can rely on him for great ideas, customer service, and accurate information. Beyond his advertising expertise,

Leif is a truly a down-to-earth nice guy, who is dedicated to the success of any company he works with. I highly recommend Leif Andersen.

- Gayle Pierce, Office Manager/Media Assistant, Woodstock Media Group

There is one and ONLY ONE reason to advertise in my humble opinon; to get a Massive Return on Investment. As a National Advertising Agency- we work with over 160 Media Reps around the Country.

Of those 160+ reps, I can count on one hand those who I will take their call. Why? I only take calls from those who bring value to my clients; those who understand that advertising should be a "Profit Center, NOT an Expense".

When Leif Calls, I answer. And because of the value he has brought to myself, my company and my clients - we are now friends…

- Dan Glaviano, Owner

Though I was reluctant, Leif introduced me to radio as a platform for getting the word out about vasectomy in a creative, appealing, public service kind of way that I could be very comfortable with.

Leif has always impressed me with his integrity and his respect for our mission. He is also creative, appreciates good humor, and is a good guy.

I have really enjoyed working with Leif.

- Charles L. Wilson, M.D. The Vasectomy Clinic | 206.525.4090 |

Leif Andersen has been our "Radio Guy" for several years here at Lake Union Sea Ray. He has worked tirelessly to bring us fresh new ideas and ways to use broadcast (in a time where we are committed and investing more and more into our online presence).

If it weren't for Leif and KIRO Radio's unique approach to the market, we probably wouldn't continue in this medium—he truly cares and adds great value to the process and our positioning, both on and off the air.

- Mark Helgen, VP, Lake Union Sea Ray Seattle-Tacoma-Bellingham

I have been very pleased with the ROI for my radio investment. My business produces over a million dollars a year, a big part of our success is attracting new clients each week.

I frankly won't invest in any other form of Marketing because of poor ROI. However the radio has been fantastic.

Leif has helped me fashion a radio spot that fits my personality and my business. I consider him a part of my team! He has given me good advice regarding radio and the web. You simply will make money with radio!

We have been going strong with radio for over three years, without stopping once.

- Dental Office

I have had the pleasure of working with Leif Andersen for several years now. Leif’s level of commitment to his clients and those around him, is absolutely second to none.   

His professionalism and drive to serve his clients shows in everything he does. Leif has always gone the extra mile for us and is creative with strategic and unique ideas. Most importantly -- he listens to what our goals are and finds creative ideas to fit those objectives and ultimately drive results for us!

I would highly recommend working with Leif as he truly is the best in the business.


- Cindy Riccardo, Media Manager, Comcast West Division

I have been using Leif as my advertising rep since 2004.

Leif is instrumental with the incredible level of success I have achieved with my brand Catlin Capital. The best quality you could ask for when it comes to an advertising professional is experience. Not just industry experience but experience dealing with large advertisers with large advertising budgets.

I have worked with many advertising professionals and Leif's ability to negotiate and manage my accounts without using an advertising agency has saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Those savings allowed me to reach profitability that much faster. I cherish my relationship with Leif and highly recommend him to anyone looking for the best advertising rep in the business.

- Jason Catlin, Owner, Catlin Capital

My name is Jim Marowitz and I am the managing partner of the Champion Home Exteriors Company in Western Washington.  This letter is being written on behalf of Leif Andersen, with whom I have worked closely for the past 10 years

The primary interaction I have had with Leif involves radio advertising.  Leif has provided a wide variety of services which range from writing copy to scheduling spots to supervising specific campaigns.  I can without  any hesitation what-so-ever say that Leif has consistently exceeded my expectations in virtually all he has done for us.  He has proven time after time to be highly skilled in every aspect of his core business of radio marketing.  Leif also brings a significant amount of added value in that he is an absolute expert when it comes to understanding on line marketing and is able to make specific suggestions which create powerful synergy between radio and the web.

What truly sets Leif apart however is his overall attitude with respect to watching out for the overall well-being of our company.  His recommendations are always motivated by what will result in making us a success.  Leif knows that in the long run he will best be able to continue to earn and retain our business by helping us thrive.  He is also a pleasure to work with.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like any additional detail.

My number is 206-902-1080.

- Jim Marowitz, Director of Operations, Champion Home Exteriors / Western Washington

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