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Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising is not a science


Our job is to assist you in developing a Seattle Radio Advertising game plan and to help keep you focused on your marketing objectives.


That's why we go through a thorough process of research, the assembling of an effective schedule, and development of great copy tailored for your company.


This process stacks all the odds for success in your favor.



Can you guarantee success?
No marketing promotion can be guaranteed to be succussful, but our experience removes much of the guesswork involved with designing an effective campaign. We offer 40+ years' experience & are responsible for over $40,000,000 in advertising recommendations. We have the know how to help you succeed..
Do you have radio advertising success stories?
Many.  Click Here.
Can we measure the effectiveness of our radio advertising?
Yes, Success comes in many forms.  New customer inquiries, old customers returning for repeat business, people mentioning hearing your radio ads, and most importantly increased sales over time.
What is the first step in starting my radio advertising?
First we take the time to get to know your business. We look at your past successes & your expectations for the future.  We then analyze to find the best potential match between your top customers and our Seattle audience market segments.
Who writes the radio commercial?
We write the commercial with your input & guidance.  Creative must be anchored to things of meaningful value to your target audience AND your Call to Action, Offer or some Dated Event.
How much will producing our radio ad cost?
Nothing with a long term campaign.  If your commercial should require professional actors, musicians or singers there will be additional costs.
We tried advertising once and it didn’t work, why would it work with you?
Have you done any Personality Talk Radio advertising?  What is the most powerful form of advertising?  Word of mouth. Listeners tend to be loyal to their shows & treat Endorsements from their favorite on-air personalities as advice from a friend. Talk radio has a huge mouth that reaches a million people in Seattle with your message.


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Radio – "The shiny old object"


"Ad Contrarian" Bob Hoffman offers perhaps a preview of his thinking going into his speech at next week's NAB/RAB Radio Show.

If you could use some outside perspective and a pick-me-up, here's an excerpt of what Hoffman just posted - "What if there was a medium that was almost three times as popular as the web?

What if this medium had none of the harrowing advertising fraud problems that the web has?

What if, unlike the web, you could specify exactly where and when your ads ran on this medium?

What if all the ads on this medium were actually noticeable? What if this medium has suffered less from the growth of mobile than traditional web usage?

What if advertising on this medium had been shown to be substantially more effective at creating sales than the web?

You'd think this medium would be killing it, right? Well, it's not. The medium is radio. And this year, despite the facts, reality-impaired advertisers will spend more money on the web than on radio." Hoffman then produces "a very unambiguous chart that shows how radio dominates time spent with all media except live TV among U.S. adults."

Hoffman's chart and comments are on his Ad Contrarian blog here.

Radio Remains King of the Road Despite Rise of Digital Music

The Wall Street Journal examines the way numbers are used, and abused in this article about radio listeners. Read it here

Carbonite CEO: Talk Radio Doubled My Business

Carbonite co-founder David Friend,  "Every year we doubled the ad spend which doubled the revenue. That's how we got to $100 million in sales in just four or five years."



Radio: The Power of Sound and Story in a Digital World

Radio is the superpower of sound and story in the digital age.

Sound is the most powerful sense we have that drives behavior and influences mood.

How is your company effectively using sound and story in your marketing strategy?


watch videoVideo by Melissa Kunde
Radio: The Power of Sound and Voice in Advertising
Click on image to view video atlink to vimeo video


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When created the correct way, your Seattle radio ads will blend in with the talk format & produce better results than any other form of media on the planet!