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About Talk Radio Advertising in Seattle

Producing radio commercials that Bring Customers In

When created the correct way, your Seattle radio ads will blend in with the talk format & produce better results than any other form of media on the planet!


Talk Radio Seattle Formula for Success

Simply running your commercial on talk radio does not guarantee success

You must commit to these 3 things

Consistency builds Credibility – Be consistent over time and you will earn the trust of the audience.


Repetition solidifies Recall – Make a big splash in the pond with noticeable frequency versus being lost in the ocean.


Anchoring – Creative must speak to something important to your target audience that they are not currently getting. Price, emotion, flavor, seasonality, safety, lifestyle, etc.


Commit to this and you WILL increase your market share


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Are your FRUSTRATED with the money you're WASTING on advertising?

How do we know it's being wasted? 

Because like most businesses, you most likely see your advertising as an expense instead of a profit center.


Generally, we are able to help two types of businesses who feel this way

Businesses who are spending 10k+ a month on advertising and don't believe they are getting a reliable or significant return from their advertising investment.


Businesses who spend 10k+ a month on advertising and don't know what return on investment they are getting from their advertising dollars.


This may or may not apply to you or your company; but if you know anyone experiencing these frustrations, please feel free to have them contact us

Meet the Team - Your "Radio Guys"


Leif Andersen

Leif AndersenHi, my name is Leif Andersen. I am a talk radio freak and I know how to make talk radio work as well or better than any media person on this planet. It's a special system that really does work almost every time when used correctly and when used with great creative. I like to dig in and be involved with all aspects of bringing my radio customers new business.

Sure, I know the talk radio world the best, because that's what I do for a living, but I also know what else works and doesn't work in the media world. I believe that most businesses or business owners end up wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on things that just don't work.

I already know what most of those things are and can help you save those dollars without having to test it out for yourself. I know that talk radio isn't the only thing that works out there and I've learned that sometimes it may not even be the most efficient use of dollars for every business out there.

Unless I believe that your dollars will produce a great ROI for your business, I won't recommend that you spend your dollars on that vehicle and that includes my talk radio stations KIRO Radio, KTTH 770 AM or Seahawks Radio.

There is a very good chance though that talk radio will be one of your go to marketing partners and one of your top two or three media partners when it comes to producing consistent results month after month and year after year.

Hopefully that helps you understand a little more about how I feel about talk radio, other media and how I work with the businesses I'm fortunate enough to work with on a daily basis.

I was born and raised on the Washington Coast. I grew up in a commercial crab fishing family and learned my life long work ethic working in and around the fishing industry.

I graduated from Arizona State University and worked the summers crab fishing in Alaska to make my way through college. I joined the KIRO Radio Group in 1997 and have been here for my entire adult working life.

At home, I've got my lovely wife and my three beautiful girls. I love my Seattle area sports teams and I love to golf.

Most of all I love figuring out any way possible to make radio work miracles for my clients!!!

Call or Text Leif at 206-579-5574


Randy Foley

Randy FoleyAs a native of the Seattle area, Randy Foley’s roots run deep in the business, charitable, and lifestyle communities.

With 21 years of marketing and small businesses experience Randy is one of the Northwest leading radio marketing professionals. His success is based on a true understanding of the relationship each media has with its target.

In 16 years at the KIRO News Talk Radio Group, Randy has prospected, presented, planned and closed $24 million in advertising.

Current and past community involvement includes being the Zoobilee Entertainment Chair where he is responsible for hiring 6 bands to entertain 2500 guests at a black tie fund raiser to benefit the Point Defiance Zoo. He also is a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Celebrity Waiters Host, on the Shading Tree, Tacoma Art Museum Activities Counsel, and American Lake Improvement Board member along with being a member of Tacoma Rotary 8.

Randy is married and the proud active father of two vibrant beautiful daughters. He enjoys making memories with family and friends, water and snow skiing, landscaping, remodeling, traveling, and spending sun drenched days on the lake.

Call or Text Randy at 253-677-8777


Our Clients share their Thoughts

Having worked closely with Leif Andersen for years, I feel qualified in appraising his status as a radio and media consultant and sales exec.

 My firms relationship with Mr. Andersen could best be described as flawless!  He has worked with his supervisors in creating rates, schedules, and overall plans that have brought us great success.

 Additionally, he has that perception of what works and what doesn’t which is of such great value.  Just buying time accomplishes nothing.  Buying radio time, with super effective messaging, consistency, placement, and within budget should be the dream of all advertisers.  Leif Andersen provides all four consistently. 

That makes him a winner!  Our firm gives him a solid Ten!!!  Which incidentally is the number of years he has effectively served us.

- Pat O’Day, Contracted Advertising Consultant , Schick Shadel Hospital. Seattle


Janet Pack here with Smart Retirement Radio am 770 KTTH, I have had the pleasure of working with Mr Randy Foley for over 3 years, he is without a doubt the best customer service person in the industry.

The knowledge that he bring to his relationships in the field of marketing is unparalleled.

My production is always in the front of his mind, and with his vast years of experience helpS my financial planning business soar, If you are looking to maximize your advertising dollars.

Randy Foley is a sure bet, I know he has been an asset to my business!!

- Janet Pack

Senior Care Alliance Financial - Owner

Smart Retirement Radio show - Host

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Talk Radio the original social media... Call or Text 206-579-5574

When created the correct way, your Seattle radio ads will blend in with the talk format & produce better results than any other form of media on the planet!